One of the great avatar of Lord Maha Vishnu, Sree Parashurama (6th avatar) believed to be the creator of Kerala appointed six ashta vaidhyar to protect Kerala. Out of six astha vaidhyar’s, there were three holy thantris and the other three were black magicians.

"Aithihyamala" (Garland of Legends), is a collection of stories of legends prepared by Kottarathil Sankunni. He started compiling the legends of Kerala in 1909 and completed the work in eight volumes over a quarter of a century. It is a collection of legends, magicians, yakshis, rulers, conceited poets, kalari experts, practitioners of ayurveda and thantric experts.

Sree Kalloor Namboorippaadanmaar is one such holy tantric experts who is taking care of Sree Chenganam kunnathe Bhagavathy Kshetra Samuchayam situated in the banks of Bharathapuzha between Pattambi and Shornoor (near Karekkad Railway Station).

The history of Sree Kalloor Namboodripdanmaar is described in the book of ancient Aithihyamaala in volume 8; chapter 2 and in modern Malayala Manorama Aithihyamaala edition in Volume 2; chapter 117. Please refer above books for more information.